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colorful fashion facial cleansing brush -CS1202 colorful fashion facial cleansing brush -CS1202
Material: ABS plastic (host) Size: 73 * 64 * 146mm (host + with cover brush) Weight: 174.2g (host + with cover brush + battery) Power supply: Ni-MH battery (induction charging) Charging voltage: DC5V, AC100-240V + DC12V Working voltage: 2.4V Battery capacity: 600mAh (conventional) Power: 1.5W Frequency: 200 / sec Protection class: IPX7 (host) Stalls: 2 files (1 kind of speed wash face scale +1 speed bath file) Conventional color:red , blue ,yellow, green Use parts: facial skin, facial skin Functional use: cleaning, massage Product selling point: sound wave vibration, induction charging Use mode: wash mode, bath mode (pulse vibration)

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