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Are you the one who is washing your face?

2017-09-26 11:33:44

In general, the main application of the surface of the ultrasonic treatment to wash the brush on the fine hair vibration, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of the cleaning and massage effect. In fact, or with the principle of toothbrush somewhat similar. So no doubt, wash your face to clean the pores of the skin and remove the oil function is indeed stronger than the ordinary way to wash your face.

Sensitivity and dryness of the sister is best not to use the wash instrument. Because this group of skin horny skin is very thin, if you continue to use the skin will cause difficult to estimate the damage. In contrast, sonic skin cleansing brush oily and mixed muscles are more suitable for use with facial cleanser, in particular:

1, always feel the face wash clean skin;

2, the oil is large, water and oil imbalance of the skin;

3, blackheads, acne, smallpox in India, dull skin;

4, the skin is not rough enough delicate skin;

5, usually with the skin care products do not absorb good enough skin;

6, often use make-up crowd;

7, long in the airtight office, all day facing the computer office workers;

8, often cook housewives.

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