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Choose the cleanser method:

2017-08-15 09:50:23

1, cleansing instrument is the latest in recent years, the latest cleansing way, also known as wash brush, the main use of ultrasonic principles to wash the brush on the fine hair vibration, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage effect. And now developed technology, clean the cleanser on the wireless charger, through the built-in drying system to brush dry, so that consumers are still using the next clean brush. Plus non-porous design, easy to clean, but also to prevent the bacteria, fungi, mites and other pathogens breeding.

2, the choice of cleansing instrument must pay attention to four aspects, that is, cleaning methods, brush quality and function, security and after-sales service protection.

First high-end cleansing instrument commonly used acoustic vibration way to clean the face, do not need to press the facial skin, control in a certain frequency range of high-frequency sound waves can open the pores to achieve deep cleaning effect. The general cleansing instrument uses a rotating way to clean the face, the brush tightly pressed on the facial skin, easily lead to physical friction damage.

Second, in the choice of cleansing instrument according to their own skin skin selection for all kinds of different types of skin brush head. In this bristle quality is particularly critical, brush the number of bristles on the brush, the thickness and brush the top of the grinding method are the factors to be considered.

Again, since the cleanser is used in a humid environment, safety becomes an indispensable consideration. On the one hand the product body of the airtight, on the other hand is the product of the waterproof level, the real IPX7 waterproof rating refers to the conditions even under the entire body soaked in water can still be used normally.

Finally, the product after-sales service is also very necessary. A regular manufacturer should attach great importance to product after-sales service, product upgrades and product derivative development.


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