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Cleanser tips

2017-10-19 11:28:55

1, what is the working principle of cleansing instrument?

The above see the cleansing instrument, are relying on the physical way to remove dirt in the pores, which is divided into two ways of sound and rotation.

Sonic cleanser mainly rely on high-frequency longitudinal vibration, to the skin of the dirty things "shock" out, so the low frequency of vibration will affect the cleaning effect. Longitudinal vibration relative to the level of tear friction for the skin damage is relatively small, relatively mild.

The other is through the rotation of the way, the use of bristles on the skin to pull, the use of tension to get dirty things out. This may cause some irritation to the skin, but the cleaning capacity may be stronger. There are some brands that combine these two ways to make cleaning more efficient.

2, really need to use cleanser?

Cleansing instrument is the role of cleaning the manual difficult to wash off the old waste horny, acne, grease and other dirty things, to clean the skin itself is helpful.

We can not hope that the cleansing instrument can cure all diseases, such as skin oil,Mini travel Silicone cleansing brush  acne and other reasons for the formation of more complex, or need to trace the root of the right medicine, skin care of the normal procedure is not save ah, makeup or to Test makeup products.

3, Note:

The number of use: the general use of 2-3 times a week enough to frequent use may lead to excessive cleaning;

Keep hygiene: clean, need ventilation, to prevent the accumulation of bacteria more wash the more dirty.

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