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Development and Reform Commission issued: beauty industry in 2020 annual output value will be more than 1 trillion

2017-10-27 13:21:19

By the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Yan beauty business management center jointly prepared the "National Beauty Industry Development Strategic Plan" 26 in Beijing through expert review.

According to reports, the development of strategic planning work since the start of the work has been widespread concern in the industry. In order to compile a strategic plan for the development of beauty industry which is in line with China's national conditions and operational conditions, the expert working group has been working for more than one year and has conducted research in the more developed areas such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai to listen to enterprises and consumers Of the recommendations, with reference to the experience of developed countries and regions at home and abroad, the preparation of the "National Beauty Industry Development Strategic Plan", depicting the development of China's beauty industry blueprint.

The plan shows that at present, China has become the world's largest producer of beauty products and the world's second largest consumer of cosmetics. The national beauty institutions to reach more than 200 million, employing about 20 million people, the annual output value of more than 600 billion yuan, of which about 300 billion manufacturing sector.

"National Beauty Industry Development Strategic Plan" proposed by 2020, China's annual output value of the beauty industry will be more than 1 trillion yuan; employment population will reach 30 million people; listed companies will be more than 100; beauty industry park more than 10; The emergence of annual sales of more than 50 billion yuan scale of the leading enterprises.

According to reports, "National Beauty Industry Development Strategic Plan" after the completion of the preparation, will be officially published for the national distribution.

Compiler side said that the beauty industry is the private economy-based industry, in accordance with the principles of industry business principles, in order to "National Beauty Industry Development Strategic Plan" implemented, the preparation side will be under the guidance of the relevant central ministries, Provincial and municipal industry organizations and large enterprises, to mobilize the whole industry to participate in, according to the professional areas and regional specific organizations.


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