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Early autumn run girl,face clean you do not?

2017-09-04 17:21:50

Night running more hearty dripping, facial skin sweating out of the oil problem is more serious, with seasonal so no matter how tired the body, cleansing work can not be lazy, or bacteria with sweat stay in the face, the skin problem will come to the door.

After sweating, the best choice for skin cleansing warm water, can quickly because of the rapid warming of the epidermis to adapt to the outside, but also help the pores have been opened to breathe better, spit out hidden in the pores of the dirty things.

After exercise, you can choose a mild, soothing cleansing products, not only can effectively place the skin dirt, more care after exercise in the fragile skin.

Sports will cause a lot of perspiration, the skin is in a state of water,fashion facial cleansing brush the use of make-up water soaked cotton pad, gently tapping the face, to achieve the effect of cleaning the skin at the same time can help the skin to remove old dead cells for the follow-up work to lay the foundation.

The top of the bristles tip gradually fine, easy to clean the T zone and deep pores; the main white bristles are more flexible and dense, suitable for gentle clean cheeks. 30 degrees slightly tilted brush head, easier to fit face shape, all-round clean no dead ends. A tailor-made for sonic cleanser. In the role of sound waves, can produce more than the general cleanser milk more dense foam, as if in the cleansing instrument to form a layer of breathable air cream, coupled with gentle clean cheeks for the sound cleansing instrument, all-round clean no dead ends Clean your skin. The cleansing effect of the sonic cleanser makes the skin cleaner and gives the skin a smooth, comfortable feel.

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