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How do young Chinese people buy luxury goods? The results of some surprising

2017-11-02 11:35:47

spread is narrowing the Chinese luxury goods consumers back to the country, but the overall recovery of China's luxury retail sales may also be attributed to changes in consumer groups.
Dreler recently released a survey report, revealing the 20-30 year-old young people's luxury consumption habits, Chinese consumers in many ways with the Western peers are different, but also some unexpected The
1. Like to understand the fashion trends from the brand's official website rather than social media
Although the microblogging on the big V and WeChat on the fashion public number is always keen to discuss a variety of trends, stars wear, Sonic Electric Facial Brush but the report shows that these social media is not the younger generation of China to understand the trend of the most important way, the proportion of only 15% , Fashion magazines and brand official website in their minds more authoritative, more than 35% of the respondents will be the two as the main source of access to fashion trends.
The network is more authoritative in their minds, and more than 35% of the respondents use the two as the main source of access to fashion trends.

This is different from other countries, the report pointed out that the millennial generation of other countries is more from the social media to understand the trend of the season.
2. Consumption is more sensible
Although the online shopping gave birth to a number of "chop hand family", but in terms of luxury, China's young people is still not easy to head heat. Especially when it comes to "essential goods" things, they are often more cautious, and more inclined to buy in the store, the proportion of up to more than Liu Cheng. This is different from the Western peers, which have a lot of choice to buy online, which may be more developed with the local luxury goods business, after all, this industry has just started in China.

Respondent Chinese consumers said that the main reason for choosing the store is to "touch the product" and try, and the luxury store unique shopping experience is another big reason.
3. Do not pay for customized goods and services
"Experienced luxury" and "personalized" is the popular word in the luxury industry in recent years, but Derek said that China's millennial generation of interest in these two services is not.
Compared with the young Westerners, they are less likely to pay higher prices for custom merchandise, and only 40.6% say they are "willing to pay more for this," while the US is more than 70% And Italy, the figure was 56% and 61.6%.


And when it comes to gifts, the Chinese young people do not consider the kind of "experiential" products, such as luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and so on.
Dreler attributed this phenomenon to the maturity of the market, believing that Chinese consumers have not yet cultivated the idea of ​​"paying higher prices for luxury goods or services".
4. Attention to quality and uniqueness
Quality is the most important factor in the selection of luxury goods in countries, "when consumers may buy a more practical goods, the quality will constitute a boost to buy their luxury." The report wrote.


It is noteworthy that, although China's millennial generation is not accustomed to pay for custom products, but they are more concerned about Western consumers than "unique", a story of the product is also a sub-item.
5. Brand loyalty is higher


Chinese and Western young consumers in the treatment of luxury another significant difference is the brand loyalty. According to the report, in the luxury market more mature in the West, the Millennium generation brand loyalty is lower, 1/3 of US and European consumers said they will buy multiple brands of products, but in China, this A proportion of more than half.

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