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How to properly clean makeup brus

2017-09-14 11:28:50

Make-up brush, love makeup for people who are very important but at the same time calls are not small. How to maintain the timely and effective words, a makeup brush with a few years is not a problem. Because the makeup brush is a direct contact with the skin of the items, if not timely cleaning and maintenance, may cause bacteria cause skin allergies.

First with cold water faucet wet brush head, so you can slow down the adhesion of cosmetics on the brush. Be careful not to let the water touch the handle, to prevent water through the handle into the gap into the mold caused by mold.

Brush with soap on the brush, and then back and forth in the palm of your hand circle, do not be too hard. It is best not to wash directly by hand.

Finally wash the foam. After washing the hand as much as possible out of the brush in the water, and then light rejection a few times. Wipe the water on the handle with a towel.

The makeup brush from the handle into the makeup brush protective cover, fixed in the brush head position, the brush down to dry down on it.

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