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In the end how to use the electric toothbrush:

2017-08-31 15:18:30

1, when installing the brush, be sure to carefully tighten the brush into the toothbrush shaft, to avoid the brush handle loose situation.

2, before using the electric toothbrush, pay attention to the use of warm water soak the brush, used to adjust the bristle softness, I did not pay attention to these before use, direct access to cold water brush, bristles and hard vibration frequency can not adapt, so there The state of bleeding gums. If your teeth are more sensitive, it is best to use soft bristles.

3, the use of electric toothbrush, the choice for the toothpaste on a lot of free, because the toothbrush itself can achieve efficient cleaning effect, if you want to pursue a better whitening effect, of course, the best choice for whitening. But to note that the first squeeze the toothpaste, and then placed in the mouth of the teeth, and then open the button.

4, electric toothbrush and manual brushing the same, you need to strictly in accordance with pasteurized brushing method. In order to play more foam, you can manually brush it, until the toothpaste blister, open the electric switch, according to the figure, slowly move the toothbrush. Each section brush about 30 seconds, two minutes to clean all the teeth.

5, if you buy a electric toothbrush brush gift, it is necessary to use it. After brushing the teeth, with the tongue brush brush gently shine tongue on the tongue, you can achieve the effect of cleaning the tongue on the bacteria, so that the mouth more healthy and clean.

6, electric toothbrush cleaning than ordinary manual toothbrush cleaning a lot of health, brush teeth, the brush into the water, sonic cleaner for faceopen the electric switch, gently shaking a few times, then tapping the brush, you can stay in the Brush on the foreign body and toothpaste cleared clean. Finally warm tips, remember to dry place in a dry place Oh ~ not only health and extend the life of the toothbrush.

7, electric toothbrush Although the cleaning time than the ordinary toothbrush to clean, but also need to change the brush in three months, because even if the cleaning and then clean, long-term use, the bristles on the breeding of bacteria will increase. If the conditions permit, it is recommended to buy two or three brush, rotating use, so that you can avoid a brush on the teeth attached to too much, but also to maintain the flexibility of each toothbrush.

8, in each use of electric toothbrush must be thoroughly washed, at the same time to dip in the above water as much as possible to dry, the toothbrush head up in the mouthwash cup, placed in a dry and ventilated environment.

9, in the use of electric toothbrush, do not like the use of ordinary manual toothbrush, too much force, easy to make the hair spread or curl, if the brush has been found to lose flexibility, should be replaced, otherwise it will be bad for teeth and gums. 10, electric toothbrush is a rechargeable battery, when you find it in the rotation when not as hard as the previous brush teeth, there may be insufficient power lead to, in order to avoid the impact of cleaning, the best time to charge. Now generally better electric toothbrush is the use of lithium batteries, so the general charge a night, you can directly use the. Do not need to be filled every time.


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