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Is the cleanser easy to use?

2017-10-10 16:53:32

Cleansing instrument function

The principle of the use of cleansing instrument is through the principle of ultrasound to make the top of the cleanser above the sensation, and then no impact on the role of high efficiency and massage effect.

Cleansing instrument for the crowd: the skin of those who question

The effect of cleansing instrument: cleansing instrument cooperation facial cleanser, to help facial cleanser constitute a high density of uniform foam, can completely clean the face, to reach the role of skin beauty care.

1, for mottled, chloasma, can be agile and useful to remove the mottled, making the skin lubricated flawless, of course, must be used to adhere to the role of this only Oh.

2, for pox acne print, who can remove acne and pox marks.

3, for other questions skin, usually loose skin, deep bags, with dark circles, the use of a cleansing instrument, can have an outstanding role.


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