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Makeup can not be separated from the five makeup brush

2017-09-18 16:22:01

Foundation Brush

Many people use the foundation brush brush wall, like a way to wipe the face, the effect is often frustrating. The correct usage is to use the brush to the pink point in the face of an important position, and then go around to halo, the effect will be uniform and natural.

Loose brush or blush brush

With the brush side of the side of the loose powder, bronze powder and blush, with the front of the brush (top) the powder sweep into the fold of the eyelids.

Small round brush

Is the ideal eye shadow brush, vertical up the arc into the eyes of the crease, eye shadow is easy to even brush in the eyelids.

Bevel brush

Fine tip of the most suitable for painting eyeliner and brush eyebrow powder, the use of the top pick with eyeliner powder, in order to draw delicate lines.

Soft brush

Rounded brush head for eye makeup to increase the softness, you can also finish the makeup after it swept the face of excess residual powder.

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