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The latest research shows: more than 300 yuan of cosmetics, young people are most willing to pay

2017-11-10 16:09:37

Recently, Kantar Consumer Index released an insightful report on personal beauty purchase tracking. The report shows that young people are more inclined to consume high-end skin care products (the definition of high-end skin care products: the average single-bottle brand price exceeds 300 yuan).

"85" and "90 after" these young consumer groups, in the eyes of most people represents the forefront of fashion - fashion clothing, assertive personality, they have more personalized choice of goods aspirations.

Although they have just entered the community from the perspective of spending power, their income is relatively limited, and it seems that they should lean more towards parity products. However, this is not the case.

According to the K-rated personal beauty index, consumers in the first quarter of this year, high-end skin care products, nearly half of young people from 20-29 years old.

According to the survey data of the Kantar Consumer Index, the single purchase amount of young people aged 20-29 is 447 yuan, which is the lowest compared with other age groups, but the difference is not large. The highest single purchase amount is 511 yuan , Concentrated in the 40-49 age group.

Young consumers also have a preference when buying high-end skincare products. They will not be stingy with mainstream sub-categories such as facial creams, face creams, toners, masks, and so on. The unit price is even higher than that of 30-54 year old women The product is even higher. In contrast, consumers aged 30-54 are more willing to "throw money" on both sub-categories of sunscreen and eye products.

In terms of the category of skin care products that young people tend to buy, the young consumer groups purchase more of the two sub-categories of the toning lotion and the facial mask relative to the 30-54-year-old consumer group, which lower the unit price of the two sub-categories, The total consumption of shopping baskets.

This is of great significance for high-end skin care products manufacturers. In order to further attract young people to buy high-end skin care products, a suitable "introductory product" is more important to young consumers than to the "Getting Price".

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