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Why do you need a electric toothbrush?

2017-08-23 15:42:47

    Why choose electric toothbrush?
    In fact, there seems to be no dentist who will say that electric toothbrush must be better than ordinary toothbrush, the American dentist (ADA) also pointed out: "Whether it is an ordinary toothbrush, or electric toothbrush, which should use the correct method, can effectively clean the teeth. Dr. Peter Alldritt, chairman of the Australian Dental Association's Oral Health Committee, said: "If you have a good toothbrush, no plaque, do not brush your teeth excessively, there is no need for an electric toothbrush, but some people will clean the teeth , Excessive effort, leading to gingival recession and tooth damage. "It appears that it is not easy to find a balance between excessive effort and lack of force in brushing. In this way, the advantages of using electric toothbrush immediately came out. This force is too large people really suitable for the use of electric toothbrush. (Show a professional electric toothbrush is the use of a thousand dollars on the electric toothbrush.)
    Nevertheless, there are studies that rotary vibration electric toothbrush to remove plaque and reduce the effect of gingivitis in the short term is significantly better than manual toothbrush, and can effectively reduce gingivitis. (Electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush on the effect of oral hygiene, "China Evidence-Based Medicine", 2005,11), I personally think that this may be the majority of people can not use the manual toothbrush, so for those who strive to brush your teeth Ordinary toothbrush can not do the people, the electric toothbrush is indeed a good choice.
    In addition, also had articles that the elderly and children, arthritis patients, patients with correction or disability, self-care ability weak, more suitable for the choice of the use of electric toothbrush.
    What are the types of electric toothbrushes?
    Rotary: rely on the drive shaft to drive the brush head rotation, the use of friction to clean the teeth.
    Acoustic type: motor-driven brush to produce high-speed vibration to reach the sound wave level, at the top of the bristles produce a very high speed to drive the flow and the bubble to produce flow impact cleaning teeth.
    3D: is to combine 1 and 2, to achieve better results.
    3D, the so-called combination of the first two, should be in the pendulum-type rotation on the basis of increased pulse vibration, help to help the old pine bacteria Spot, improve cleaning efficiency. Well, find the product information that is "8,800 times / minute or so turn, 40,000 times before and after the vibration, loose hidden plaque." Special mention that I see a classmate this electric toothbrush brush quite special Is a round, like a small bowl can be "buckle" in the back of the teeth, compared to ordinary "straight children" type of brush, easier to fit teeth and gums, combined with its vibration mode feel Like the snow, like the side of the snow to be swept of the pine, while the left and right with the swing put the plaque cleared.
    Electric toothbrush, the use of more important than the purchase
    Spend a lot of money to buy electric toothbrush, will not make, or with the incorrect, seems to also quite a waste. Here are some notes:
    Gently grip the handle, first brush into the mouth, and then open the switch, be sure to brush to every location
    Do not just brush your teeth outside, inside and used to chew the place also brush clean, do not force or friction. Time, at least brush your teeth for two minutes. PS this expensive guy there is a "reminder", to remind you to brush your teeth and the time (estimated to be expensive on it).
    There is the brush to replace, when the brush becomes rough, it is necessary to timely replacement, the general recommendation of the dentist for 3 months (better than ordinary toothbrush need to change the ground, or ... a classmate because brush your teeth, Cycle greatly shortened)
    In short, whether the electric toothbrush need to see the individual, no better, only more suitable, such as someone on the use of electric, I use manual, can brush clean teeth (well, maybe really can lose weight ~). Buy electric toothbrush, listen more to see, very expensive effect, understand and then start. In addition, the light to buy, but also learn to use, do not let money white!

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