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beauty care products best anti aging cream

2018-01-22 10:27:10

beauty care products
beauty care products
 best anti aging cream
 best anti aging cream
beauty care products  best anti aging cream
beauty care products best anti aging cream

beauty care products several major benefits
A. Activate cells
Enhance the membrane potential of human cells, in addition to the universe and the human body to adjust the electromagnetic environment, can enrich the body to maintain potential, the ATPase activity of the cell membrane to promote cell membrane ATP synthesis to improve the cell membrane ion selective penetration ) Is active, the intracellular and extracellular normalization of ion balance.
B. promote blood circulation
70KHZ high frequency oscillation with the same frequency, the peripheral blood vessels to dilate, improve peripheral blood vessels and oxygen content, while enhancing cell oxygen storage and the ability to exclude carbon dioxide (CO2).
C. Normalization of metabolism
Due to the selective ion penetration activity, can purify the blood, adjust the blood for the weak and salty, and because of 70KHZ oscillation with the same frequency, the subcutaneous tissue warming 2 degrees, increasing the metabolic rate of 26%, so the adhesion of the acidic substances in the blood vessel wall Peel and metabolism, reduce cardiovascular disease. Coupled with the increase in enzyme activity, protein molecules produce vibration, promote intestinal peristalsis and laxative, secretion of many hormones and enzyme production is normal, so that increased metabolism.
D. adjust autonomic nerve
Promote the normal parasympathetic, relieve stress to relax the body, help to sleep and restore physical and mental pleasure.
E. Enhance the body's own ability to repair damage and self-healing disease
The most precious asset of man is the self-healing ability of the body. Under the action of the negative and high frequency waves, the internal self-healing power of the human body is awakened, the activated globulin in the blood is activated, and the ion concentration inside and outside the cell is adjusted immediately to guide and regulate the fine biochemical actions in many lives. Exclude the disease caused by the object, so that the acid-base balance and improve their ability to resist free radical damage, can heal the disease and maintain a healthy and good condition.
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