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steaming face for acne conair facial sauna

2018-02-01 10:16:13

steaming face for acne
steaming face for acne
conair facial sauna
conair facial sauna
steaming face for acne   conair facial sauna
steaming face for acne conair facial sauna

conair facial sauna's role
Efficient rehydration: through scientific and technological means, the water into nano-higher temperature of the mist particles, the pores can be used to open, let the nano-water particles directly absorbed by the skin, replenishment efficient, safe and thorough. Compared with the beauty salon professional steam beauty, it is more economical, time-saving, and the effect is good, not subject to technical restrictions, home or office or go out at any time feasible.
Deep Cleansing: The use of steamed face steam spray fumigating facial hair follicles and keratinocytes can soften, is conducive to cleansing, massage removal of hair follicles deep dirt and keratosis cells, and can more thoroughly remove the skin dirt and Cosmetics, make the skin fresh, smooth and delicate. Can reduce or eliminate melanin facial skin calm, prevent facial pigmentation, facial skin smooth, white and tender. In addition, the skin fumigation by hot air, the skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles.
Improve the circulation: Steaming spray out of the higher temperature of the mist particles can improve the skin microcirculation, enhance the skin, nerves, blood vessels and nutrient supply, the skin to maintain ruddy, shiny and soft.
Promote regeneration: As through the steaming face of the nano-particles higher temperature of the mist-like particles are enriched with oxygen ions, jet impact generated when the skin is beneficial to enhance the absorption of oxygen ions. Under the action of its thermal effect, it can enhance the aerobic metabolism of the skin, increase the oxygen release of oxygenated hemoglobin in the tissue, improve the oxygen supply of the skin, reduce the edema, exudation, blood stasis and itching of the skin, and also promote Lesion healing and epithelial cell regeneration.
Bactericidal anti-inflammatory: The latest models of steam face generally installed ozone generator, when the instrument will produce ozone, has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect.
Detailed pores: Most people think that long-term use of steaming face make hydration will make the pores become larger, in fact, this fact is not the case, the use of steaming face when the water, due to the thermal effects of the instrument, the pores can be opened within a short time, softening Pores in the pores of the dirt after the steaming face if immediately after using warm water to clean, then the pores of the dirt can easily be cleaned (this time with cleansing instrument cleaning effect will be better), after washing with cold water apply, So that the rapid contraction of the pores, so the pores will be more and more fine!
Facial steamer can make the pores of the skin dilate and soften, so that it can completely drain dirt, grease, and can accelerate blood circulation, but also can shrink the enlarged pores.
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